Our Services



We have access to an extensive international service network for global delivery options. Our Industry-Focused approach will ensure that your cargo reaches the destination safely.


We deliver your cargo with our highly flexible global network through our partnerships with leading carriers and a wide choice of routes.

Road Ways

Connecting the last mile, we ensure that your cargo reaches the doorstep of the desired destination on time with our extensive network of service partners for road transport.


Customs Brokerage

With over 25 years of expertise in customs brokerage, we ensure that all your goods are correctly classified as per HSN without any ambiguity and make sure that your documents are processed without any hassles. We also regularly keep track of the movement of The cargo till it arrives at the destination for both imports and exports.


Kitting is the process of taking multiple SKUs and combining them in a package to create one new SKU. Sri Shipping carefully packs products, using your packaging, to present a strong and uniform brand image to your customers.


At Sri Shipping, we provide logistics label products that meet your labelling needs.


We have the right mix of warehouses that make us your valued partner for your warehousing needs, where faciliLy size, design, and systems are driven by your unique needs.

Cargo Insurance

We handle every shipment with utmost care, ensure safe delivery and manage potential dangers during the transit and arrange proper insurance for your shipment.

Integrated Logistics

A complex world requires flexible logistics. Unlocx the potential of your supply chain with our trusted professionals for a lean and efficient supply chain management.

Trade Logistics

We provide solutions for your logistics needs to and from any country through our own logistics network that help save cost, energy and time.

Bonded Facilities

Goods stored in a bonded warehouse are safe, secure and you can pay duty only when the goods are released for delivery to the buyer.


Air Export

When it’s crucial enough to consider using air freight, put your faith in Sri Shipping.We perform Pickup & Delivery,Vendor Assembly and Consolidation, Direct IATA Bookings,Document Processing, Insurance and allow Dangerous, Perishables and Temperature sensitive Goods ,Oversized Cargo & Charter Flights

Ocean Export

Whether you are looking for full container load (FCL), less than container-load(LCL) or Break-bulk moves,Sri Shipping & its exclusive agents can handle all of your shipping needs anywhere in the world.We perform Multiple Carrier Selection,Export Compliance,Marine Insurance and Dangerous goods


Through our network of worldwide exclusive agents, Sri Shipping provides you the opportunity to work with one company for all your importing, clearance and delivery needs.

How Will Sri Shipping Handle My Account?

  • Send clear instructions to our overseas agents,defining the process tailored to your needs.
  • Enter your handling SOPs into our Systems.
  • We will bring all relevant operations managers to your facility.
  • Our agents will visit your supplier or client to ensure accuracy and understanding from both sides.
  • We will continue to keep in close contact with you at all times.